Dr. Stephen V. Hoyt, Head of School

Dr. Hoyt

For the past 12 years, he has worked as the primary language consultant and lead teacher in an intensive English language program for scientists he designed for CRDF Global, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Northern Virginia. The program was financed by the MacArthur Foundation and supported by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. He developed assessment vehicles, a ‘Presentation Skills’ and a special academic writing class for the program. He also hired and supervised English and science teachers.

Dr. Hoyt has written grants that include integrating technology into the curriculum and using community assets to improve student learning. He has also developed a special literacy program called Constructivist Process Literacy that has been implemented in schools and universities in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, he has written more than 60 articles and made presentations at local, national and international conferences on cognition, curriculum, technology, language pedagogy and literacy.

He was co-director of the Secondary English Program at Eastern Washington University (EWU), where he taught future English and TESOL students and advised students in their Master’s theses in TESOL. He has permanent certification in New York as a principal and superintendent and a teacher of English, German and social studies; in addition, he has taught ESL in the New York City Public Schools.

His international background includes eight years residence in Germany and two years in Moscow, Russia. He has traveled to more than 30 countries. He regularly exercises and holds a third degree black belt in traditional taekwondo. He has coached basketball, track and field and strength training for athletes.

He regularly enjoys writing and reading literature of different countries.


Mr. Harold Ashworth, Assistant Head of School, English Teacher

I came into the teaching profession 18 years ago after working in a family owned business for a number of years.  Having taught at three high schools over the years I have had a multitude of classroom experiences. As a result, I’m looking forward to teaching in this new forum of online education. I have taught all levels of 9-12 English, including AP Language and Composition and also served as a Debate coach for four years in my first teaching assignment.  Most recently I have been working in my school district’s central office in an administrative capacity.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife, our four legged children and visiting the beaches of North and South Carolina.  Additionally, I an never far from a good book and also enjoy spending time as an amateur potter over the last thirty years.

I look forward to hearing from you with any concerns you may have on this educational journey and will do my best to provide you with timely responses to your questions.

Mrs. Adrianne Goodson, English Teacher

“You, Adrianne, are the biggest motivator for students learning. You are witty and fun, so who wouldn’t want to learn what you are teaching!?! You are masterful at making assessment a seamless part of your instruction. You are able to quickly and efficiently monitor understanding and make decisions about where to go as a result.” — Teresa Dodson Principal Reynolds Middle School.

I actually graduated from Canton High School in Canton, TX, but my path quickly led me to Las Vegas, NV on a cheerleading scholarship when I was 18.  I stayed in Nevada to obtain my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Marketing/Advertising and Education. My husband and I chose to move back to Texas so that our little girl, Aria, could be even closer to our family and to start a little farm.  I really love animals, and I have over 30 at the moment, but I also LOVE to read and write.  My goal is to write my own teen fiction book. Personally, I love scary movies, haunted houses, theme parks, and Mexican food.


Mrs. Mary Congleton, Math Teacher

I am completing my 29th year of teaching. I taught 23 years in Texas and 6 years in Nevada. I have taught all subjects and all grades through 8th. I also coached a couple of years in high school. However, I have taught math all 29 years. Math is where my passion lies! My wonderful husband, Bruce, and I have been married for 31 years. We have 3 beautiful children, 1 handsome son-in-law, and 1 precious granddaughter.


Mr. Chase Cammarota, Science Teacher

Mr. Cammarota is passionate about the natural world and science education.  He has worked extensively on NYC environmental issues, such as protecting groundwater and pollution remediation.  He has connected with young learners to manage and execute land stewardship projects such as bird habitat conservation.  Mr. Cammarota graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a BS in Environmental Science.  He also completed graduate work at Stony Brook University and Queens College.  His interests include cooking, gardening, bird watching, fishing, and basketball.  He is looking forward to the coming years of working with students to investigate and learn how the Earth works and affects the community.


Mr. Bruce Congleton, Science Teacher

I believe in what I do.  I believe in the educational system, even though many challenges face the educators of the future.  I believe the key to the education of our future citizens is communication.  The school should strive for a cooperative partnership between the school and the parents.  The school should strive to maintain a positive relationship with the community at all times and the employees of the district should uphold a high standard for all to observe.  Technology is the wave of the future, and I have been very active to insure that my school is on the cutting edge in this area.  Test scores are important and I strive to make sure that we achieve the maximum level of success.  I believe in teamwork, cooperation, loyalty, and dedication.  These key ingredients are at the core of my philosophy for success.   The most critical ingredient that guides my decisions is one simple question.  What is best for the kids?  This is my constant guide each and every day that directs me in my decisions.


Mr. Hank Harris, Social Studies Teacher

Hi, my name is Hank Harris.  I am a teacher and head baseball coach at Anson high school in NC.  I have been teaching for 13 years.  I attended Appalachian State University.  Before I decided to be a teacher I served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps.  I was stationed in NC and Iwakuni Japan.  When i am not coaching I spend most of my time with my wife and 2 children.  We have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a wild bunny we rescued about 5 years ago.  I enjoy hunting, fishing and traveling when I have free time.


Ms. Kemberli Mayo, Spanish Teacher

Kemberli attended the University of Louisville and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies. As a part of her program at the University of Louisville, she completed a summer study abroad program in Panama. She has lived in Texas, Kentuckiana and North Carolina. She has travelled abroad to Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, the Grand Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. For the past six years, Mrs. Mayo has taught Spanish I, II, III and IV at the high school level. She has professional certification to teach Elementary Education K-6 and Spanish K-12. Mrs. Mayo has recently obtained a Master of Education in School Counseling from Liberty University. She is currently a Professional School Counselor in a public high school. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters at home, the park or the beach. She enjoys doing Zumba, traveling, reading, watching romantic comedies and encouraging others to stay focused on achieving their personal and professional goals.


Mr. Phoenix Gabriel, Computer Science Teacher

I spent three years teaching English in Japan. I was the only non-Japanese teacher at a large public high school and two small middle schools, though I can’t speak Japanese. It frustrates me that two intelligent people are unable to converse simply because they are from different countries. When I heard my students talk about spending hundreds of hours playing video games, I decided that I wanted to make computer games that teach important skills (such as language). After I returned to the US, I earned a Masters in Computer Science. In my spare time I plan haunted houses and write screenplays with my friends.