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Obridge Academy is now accepting full- and part-time enrollments for the upcoming academic school year. Call 800-974-1679 for more information!

We believe that all students should have an equal opportunity at getting an education, no matter what their lifestyle entails or where in the world they may be. That’s why we offer affordable tuition, discounts for paying in advance, discounts for families with two or more students, military discounts, and the option for a monthly payment plan.

The cost of tuition at Obridge is a great value that covers a wide variety of services. We have more than 150 courses from which students can choose, depending on their interests and levels of academic proficiency. We also offer honors, and foreign language courses, Skype chat support, homework help, student and parent support services, college counseling, technical support, and more!

Visit our tuition page for our 6-12 grade online schooling options and costs.