Admissions Process

Our admissions coordinators work to meet each student’s specific goals and needs.

The enrollment process is an opportunity for our admissions coordinators to learn about the student’s needs, interests, educational goals and learning style. The process includes the following steps:

  1. A prospective family is assigned an admissions coordinator to provide guidance through the enrollment process.
  2. An Obridge Academy admissions coordinator speaks with the family to understand the student’s needs, gathers pertinent data from the parents and student, and presents an overview of Obridge Academy course offerings.
  3. The admissions coordinator identifies courses and/or grade-level programs that would potentially meet the student’s needs.
  4. Upon agreement to move forward with transcript assessment and academic planning (if Obridge Academy will be the school of record), full-time students pay a registration fee as the next step in the enrollment process.
  5. Once the family supplies Obridge Academy with academic transcripts from the student’s previous school, students have the option of taking a Learning Styles Profile and are asked to complete any assessments necessary for proper course and grade-level placement.
  6. After reviewing the Learning Style Profile, assessment results, and records from previous school(s), a school counselor creates an individualized Academic Plan for the prospective full-time student.
  7. Once the tuition payment has been received, a welcome letter is sent to the family, a coach is assigned to the student and his/her parents, teachers are assigned to the student, and the student is granted access to the learning management system. The newly enrolled student may begin coursework immediately.


Request for Student Records

In order to process an enrollment, our admissions office requires report cards or transcripts for students entering high school; official transcripts are required before enrollment can be completed. These documents can be faxed to 866-695-2206. To assist in the process of obtaining the required documentation, you can download the Request for Student Records form, fill out the student’s information, sign, date and mail to the student’s previous school(s) as soon as possible.

If you have questions, please contact us at 866-611-9668.