Earning An Online High School Diploma in a 21st Century Learning Environment

The world of learning is changing. Obridge Academy is keeping pace with these changes by offering a variety of ways to obtain credits and earn a high school diploma. Our highly qualified teachers and staff want to ensure that each student obtains their high school diploma and has an opportunity to enroll in college, or pursue productive, career opportunities. Approximately two million Americans are currently enrolled in full-time, virtual high school, with millions more taking ‘blended’ courses. Obridge offers those who wish to pursue online study the freedom and flexibility to study anywhere, at any time, at their own pace. In most online environments, students can approach the curriculum at their own speed. While Obridge offers teacher and staff support, and special assistance through curriculum support sites.

In order for students to succeed, it is necessary to build a strong partnership between parents, students, teachers and staff. Teachers and staff are available via email, or Skype during special office hours; reports and information related to student progress are always available to parents through the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Obridge.

Obridge encourages students to experiment with their learning. In addition to completing required courses, students can earn credit by exploring something they enjoy! Students can design a course, participate in a course offered by an organization, or participate in community service to obtain credit. Students will need to document their learning activities in order to receive credit. This approach will allow students to expand their horizons in a non-traditional environment. Elective activities are only limited by the individual student’s imagination!

In addition to expanding access to a variety of learning opportunities, Obridge Academy is developing an online newspaper, where students can express themselves, read and write about their favorite video game, and learn about life in other countries. Participation in the newspaper can be combined with a journalism course, for which students can receive credit.

One of the beauties of online learning is that students can access the resources of an American education from anywhere in the world. This allows for the utmost flexibility. All students can learn and do well in an online setting, but some excel more than others. Those for whom school was not always pleasant suddenly can feel empowered and more excited to learn when they are not in a ‘bricks and mortar’ classroom.

For the first time, many students can pursue what they love, master their own learning, and excel without external and unnecessary pressures. At Obridge Academy we see students repeatedly say, “I wish I had started this sooner.”