This course is designed to assist students in obtaining accurate information, developing lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors, and making wise decisions related to their personal health. Study will include personal health; mental, emotional, and social health; injury prevention and safety; nutrition and physical activity; alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; growth, development, and sexual health.


Ch.1 – Health & Wellness
Ch.2 – Mental Health
Ch.3 – Sexuality
Ch.4 – Reproduction
Ch.5 – Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Ch.6 – Emergencies and First-Aid
Ch.7 – Nutrition


Act with skill and reason to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and behaviors that reduce health risks and enhance the health of self and others
Demonstrate the ability to access, evaluate, and use health information, products, and services that influence health and well-being in a positive manner
Demonstrate the use of appropriate health practices and behavior to promote a safe and healthy community when alone, with family, at school, and in other group settings