The Physical Education course provides students with an alternative program comprised of a look into the lives of famous athletes and historical ventures within the field. The students will be given articles, videos, and be asked to complete writing activities that will contribute to an overall understanding of physical education.


Ch.1 – Famous Athletes
Ch.2 – Videos
Ch.3 – Writing (Opinions)
Ch.4 – Articles (Group 4)
Ch.5 – Articles (Grouped Assignments)


Demonstrate proficiency in all fundamental movement skills and patterns and competence in several specialized movement form (Skilled Movement)
Apply movement principles and concepts to learning and developing motor skills and specialized movements forms (Movement Principles & Concepts)
Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness (Personal Fitness)
Demonstrate responsible personal and social behaviors in physical activity settings (Responsible Behaviors)
Demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and outside of the physical education setting (Physical Active Lifestyle)