Education Dreams


Have you ever thought what you might do if you won the lottery? Once in a while I do, but I have only played twice in the past 10 years…for about $3.00. But I can dream. I imagine what I would do with $300 million in my pocket. I seem to only think about the lottery when the jackpot is huge! In my imaginative world, I would abolish school as we know it and start over. I would analyze which pieces of education are provided for the convenience of the ‘teacher’ and which for the ‘learner.’ What role should teachers play? ......

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Testing: a Dirty Word?


Tests come in many forms, from the standardized tests given to millions of students each year, to a complex series of routines that a doctor puts you through when you complain of a pain. Sports tryouts are also a sort of test because your skills are compared to others and someone—a coach—makes a decision based on the outcome. Tests are part of life. They are unavoidable. All of life is a test. But are standardized tests in school necessary? In short, NO. At least as currently conceived. I hope you didn’t think that teachers in schools where students actually study design ......

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