College Counseling

Our knowledgeable counselors help ensure students are well prepared to enter college.

Obridge Academy is committed to offering families the help they need navigating the college admissions process. We offer two choices for career and college planning programs: College Counseling and Premier College Counseling.

Counseling Program

The Obridge Academy college counseling program is provided for all students and includes one-on-one coaching sessions and webinars on subjects such as selecting the right college, college entrance exam preparation, college application assistance, parent resources, and scholarship or financial aid resources.

The personal coach is the first point of contact for the student and family. Whether the family is experienced at distance learning or needs help making the transition, the coach is there for support, and guides the student through Orientation.

For high school seniors, the coach plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track for graduation. Coaches coordinate with the student’s teachers, write up to five college recommendation letters, and assist in the preparation of college application essays.

High school students can create a course of study personalized for their interests and goals. To earn a college prep academic diploma, students must complete 24 credits of academic and elective courses. Students earn 1 credit (one year) of for each 36-week course.

Full-Time Student Status

Full-time students must carry at least 4 courses per year, with 3 of those in core courses. Semester students must carry at least 2 credits per semester, with 1.5 of those in core courses. The remaining credits may be earned as elective courses. In order to graduate in four years, students must take an average of six courses per year.

Course Requirements

The recommendations shown below provide a foundation from which students may begin planning for college admission. College admissions policies and academic requirements vary widely. The sample course requirements and recommendations are not specific to any particular college or university. Our school counselors help tailor the course list to match a student’s specific goals.

Summary of Diploma Requirements for Students :

Graduation Requirements of 24-Credit Program
Subject Area
English 4 Credits with major concentration in composition, reading for information and literature.
Mathematics 4 Credits, one of which must be Algebra 1 or its equivalent, or a higher-level math course.
Science 3 credits in science, two of which must have a laboratory component.
Social Studies 3 credits: 1 credit World History, 1 credit American History, .5 credits in American Government and .5 credits in Economics
Foreign Language Not required for high school Graduation, but required for admission to state universities.
Art 1 credit Fine Art or Performing Art (Example:  Art or Theatre)
Physical Education 1 credit of Physical Education and Health
Major, Minor or Electives 8 credits; 4 credits in a major area of interest; 4 credits in elective course, which may be combined to allow for a second major of interest, a minor area of interest (3 credits), individual elective courses, or intensive reading or mathematics intervention courses.
****Cummulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 Scale ****


Obridge Academy students work closely with our expert college counselors in order to ensure that graduation requirements are met.