Independent Study

Independent study is an online High School & Middle School & Home School option that is dedicated to providing exceptional opportunities to help meet the needs of all students especially students with unique educational challenges and goals.

The administrators, teachers, and staff all work together towards helping the student achieve their goals. We encourage the parents or guardian of the student to be supportive and to participate in communicating with the teachers and staff.

Our mission is to challenge each student to meet and exceed their potential by providing a rigorous online curriculum that is flexible and allows the student to learn at their own pace.

Our online curriculum is constantly updated and utilizes 21st century technology that offers individualized courses that provides solutions to enhance the educational capabilities of each student.

Within the independent study option, we currently offer over 150 online courses that cover all required subjects from grades 6-12. In additional we also offer electives and honors courses.

Since we are an online school the student will have access to their classes 24 hours a day 365 days per year. Students can enroll any time of the year. Additionally all of our teachers are certified to teach their courses disciplines.

What also sets us apart from other institutions is no book fees. No books are used as everything is available online.