Obridge Online High School Diploma – Academic Planning

Let us tailor our program to meet the needs of your student.

Our schooling system is based on the philosophy that no two students are the same, especially when it comes to learning. That’s why we make a great effort to get to know each and every student who enrolls – their learning abilities, their living situations, and their personal interests.

Academic Review

Before a student begins classes, we review his or her previous academic records to try to get an idea of existing strengths and weaknesses. We also ensure that students have completed prerequisites and don’t seem to be showing an inability to keep pace with the rest of their grade level. The student will then undergo a more detailed assessment which will paint a clear picture of where the student stands academically. The point of the diagnostic testing is to ensure that students are prepared for the coursework of their respective grade level placements.

Following the initial assessments, a detailed consultation via phone between parents and an academic coach will take place in order to best identify the student’s personality, modality, interests, aptitudes, and preferred learning atmosphere. With this information, parents and teachers can better understand the student and help create a learning plan that will facilitate getting the most out of the experience.

After the consulting session with parents and receipt and review of academic records, our academic professionals will recommend learning plans that best suit your student so that the learning process is one that encourages them to thrive.

Academic Planning
At this point, the areas in which a student has room for improvement will be established. Furthermore, the family, student, and counselor will have collaborated on goals for the student. Now, it’s time to make a plan that will encourage skill building and achieving those goals.

Students who are working toward their online high school diploma will be set up in an academic program that best adheres to the information established during the entrance review and learning profile creation. The family and student together can go over the specifics of the program and finalize its approval so the student can finally begin.

Continued Assessment
It’s important to the staff at Obridge Academy to ensure that students display consistent interest and success in their academics. Thus, there will be intermittent assessments to ensure that there are no areas in which a student is struggling and that he or she has not moved on to another stage in a program without mastering the previous one.