The Obridge Way

Due to the nature of online schooling, the students and staff of Obridge Academy are not specific to just one location – they’re located all across the US and the globe. Despite our geographical diversity, we all share the same passion: education that goes above and beyond in every sense. Obridge faculty, students, and families know that superior education doesn’t need to be acquired inside a school building, and that getting a high school diploma at home even has its own unique advantages.

When families seek an alternate method for education to traditional schooling, they turn to Obridge Academy. Our staff knows that when students get a high school diploma online they are able to reap the benefits of personalized academic goals and a flexible learning experience. Since no two students are the same, online schooling is beneficial because it molds to each student’s schedule, needs, and objectives.

As the parent of an Obridge student, you’ll notice the benefits of our online model immediately. Along with the standard academic subjects, your student will strengthen his or her time management abilities, personal standards, and self-discipline skills. You’ll find that your student will be both prepared for life post-high school and, if applicable, pre-college while also pursuing his or her own personal interests.

One of our parents writes:

Obridge Academy was a life changer for my sweet daughters. We really needed stress free flexibility in our children’s education, and Obridge Academy provided that. When we were looking for an alternative education for our children, we were quickly met with time-consuming chaos. We researched several different private schools, methods of homeschooling, as well as other online programs. None of them seemed to be what our family really needed. The one that stood out above all of them was Obridge. Our journey with Obridge began with the friendly and helpful voice of an enrollment advisor. Our initial contact with Obridge Academy was pleasant, pressure free, and highly informative. It seemed as if we had finally found our educational oasis in the desert. Questions we asked other institutions that often ended in disappointment were answered by Obridge in a way that gave our family hope that we could take on our children’s education and not only survive, but thrive. The enrollment process was simple and efficient. Most importantly, when we had a question or request, our calls were answered immediately and we were walked through the process by a kind and understanding advisor. 

Now, you can’t talk about enrolling in Obridge Academy without talking about affordability. We found Obridge Academy to be the most affordable solution to our family’s educational needs. With all that Obridge Academy promised to be, we thought it was going to be way too expensive to fit into our family budget. We also thought that they must be overstating the quality of their institution and services. We were wrong on both accounts. Obridge Academy is very affordable, and not only have they delivered on what they advertise, but they have exceeded our expectations at every turn.

The online classroom experience at Obridge Academy is relevant and effective to all learning styles. My 11 year old struggled so much in public school. She was disinterested in her studies and overall discouraged about her education. The way she responded to the Obridge classroom was breathtaking. She often asks after supper if she can go log in and work on her schooling. Her grades are great, she is excited about her studies, and she is overall a happier child. We even found out this week that what she is studying now is about a semester ahead of her old public school.

Obridge is not only a great affordable alternative to public school, its curriculum is superior. From tech support to the teachers, Obridge Academy has made our transition to alternative education a pleasant one. I am excited for our children, because I know they are getting a quality education in a stress free and caring environment. Everyone has been so encouraging along the path of our educational endeavor. Obridge Academy has time and time again proved they are not just concerned for their institution, but they are concerned for each individual student and their educational and character development. We are truly thankful for our relationship with Obridge and do not hesitate on giving it our full endorsement to even our closest family and friends. – Mr. Wade