Obridge Academy’s Social Community

Our school helps students create lasting friendships within a global community of learners

Social life at Obridge Academy can be very rewarding for students who want to expand their horizons. Students at Obridge Academy are passionate about their education, talents, interests, and goals. Here, you can meet other students located throughout the world, who are involved and passionate about their pursuits.

Private Online Social Network
From the 1st day of classes, Obridge Academy offers its students and families the opportunity to collaborate and make friends within our secure social network environment. Within this private social network, students may:

  • Participate in online clubs
  • Find new friends
  • Pair up with study buddies
  • Share their creative expressions
  • Post blog updates regarding their portfolio coursework
  • Engage in conversation through course-based discussion threads

Our private social network is a wonderful way for students to form lasting friendships based on mutual inspiration and respect that span state and national boundaries. Students share their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through blogs, forums, and discussion threads. Our social network is a valuable tool that creates empathy, compassion and understanding, as well as promoting academic collaboration.

Parents are also encouraged to join groups tailored specifically for them. These special sections of the social network help parents cultivate connections with other Obridge Academy parents, and promote discussions about distance learning.