College Placement

At Obridge Academy we have no doubt that student graduating from 4-years with Obridge Academy will be accepted at highly selective colleges and universities. We will prepare our students through personalized instruction and one-on-one counseling for success in both their Middle and High School years which will prepare them fully for their college careers.

Our students learn early in their Obridge Academy careers to work independently, take responsibility for themselves and take control of their future. These are just a few of the traits needed to make college a successful experience.

A few other criteria to consider:

Each college & university has their own standards for admissions. Ask them for details, usually these are published or will be provided upon request.

SAT and/or ACT scores are often a criteria. All Obridge Academy students in grade 11 and 12 are expected to take one of these tests.

Extracurricular activities make a difference.

Grades matter, usually over the high school years, including the last year of school.

Integrity and legal history is an important factor.

Admissions essay should be carefully written and completed with excellence.

Letters of recommendation from teachers, business community members, leaders, etc.

Athletic ability (for scholarships) is often considered.

Family legacy is sometimes a factor: some colleges will prefer students with parents who attended.

Ethnicity/Race can be a factor.

Ability to pay full tuition is important to some colleges.

Ability to donate to the school is often highly regarded.

Perceived fit by the student into the student body can be a factor.

Live interviews with the student make a difference.

The importance of admissions criteria factors varies among universities, and each school’s selectiveness varies significantly as measured by their admissions rate. An admissions rate can depend both on selectiveness and number and type of applicant. The admissions rate can range from 100% for schools that accept everyone with a high school diploma, to under 10% for extremely competitive schools.

2020-2022 Matriculation

Four-Year Colleges & Universities

College #
Adelphi University 1
American University 4
Arizona State University 3
Baylor University 3
Berklee College of Music 2
Binghamton University-SUNY 5
Boston College 5
Boston University 11
Brandeis University 1
Brigham Young University -Provo 1
Brown University 1
California State University Northridge 1
Carleton College 1
Carnegie Mellon University 4
Case Western Reserve University 3
Colby College 1
Colgate University 1
College of William & Mary 3
Columbia University 1
Emory University 2
Felician University 1
Florida State University 12
Fordham University 2
George Mason University 2
George Washington University 5
Georgetown University 2
Georgia Institute of Technology 2
Hofstra University 3
Indiana University – Bloomington 2
Johns Hopkins University 1
Kenyon College 1
Lehigh University 2
Loyola Marymount University 3
Manhattan School of Music 2
Miami University, Oxford 5
University of California, Santa Barbara 5
University of California, Santa Cruz 2
University of Connecticut 4
University of Delaware 3
University of Florida 11
University of Illinois Urban -Champaign 4
University of Iowa 2
University of Maryland-College Park 3
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 9
University of Massachusetts, Lowell 1
University of Miami 9
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 3
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 8
University of Nevada 1
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 9
University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus 1
University of Pittsburgh 4
University of Richmond 3
University of Rochester 7
University of San Francisco 2
University of Southern California 3
University of South Florida 1
University of Texas at Austin 2
University of Utah 2
University of Virginia 2
University of Washington 4
University of Wisconsin-Madison 6
Vanderbilt University 1
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2
Wake Forest University 2
Wesleyan University 2
College #
West Virginia University 2
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 4
Michigan State University 3
Middlebury College 2
New York University 26
North Carolina State University 3
Northeastern University 14
Northwestern University 1
Parsons School of Design, The New School 2
Purdue University-West Lafayette 9
Reed College 2
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2
Rowan University 1
Rutgers University-New Brunswick 5
School of Visual Arts 2
St. John’s University-New York 1
St. Joseph’s College (New York) 2
Stevens Institute of Technology 3
Stony Brook University -SUNY 7
Syracuse University 4
Texas A&M University 3
The Juilliard School 3
The Long Island University 2
The Ohio State University 5
The Pennsylvania State University 8
The University of Alabama 1
Tufts University 2
Tulane University 3
University at Buffalo -SUNY 8
University of Arizona 2
University of Arkansas 1
University of California, Berkeley 7
University of California, Davis 24
University of California, Irvine 14
University of California, Los Angeles 5
University of California, Riverside 2
University of California, San Diego 6
**Other countries and regions
College #
Durham University 1
University College London 2
University of Edinburgh 3
University of Toronto 6
McGill University 2
University of British Columbia 4
University of Waterloo 1
McMaster University 1
Australian National University 2
University of Melbourne 3
University of Sydney 5
City University of Hong Kong 1
National University of Singapore 3
Nanyang Technological University 3
Hong Kong University 4
Hong Kong Polytechnic University 1
Hong Kong Baptist University 3
St. George’s University (Grenada) 1
Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne 3
University of Amsterdam 2
The Hague University of Applied Sciences 1
HAN University of Applied Sciences 1
Jönköping University 1
VIA University College 1
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1
The University of Tokyo 3
Sungkyunkwan University 1
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