School Terms

In the United States, school semester terms generally begin in September (a fall term, when school starts for most public schools) and February (a spring term). Obridge Academy offers rolling enrollment, a system that allows students to select an individual start date for their online courses. There are no deadlines for enrollment. This enables a student to apply and enroll at anytime of the year. This provides great flexibility to schedule coursework around busy schedules that may include travel, work or other activities.

Although Obridge Academy offers rolling enrollment, our semesters are still the same length as you would find in most other schools – around 36 weeks. A school year of course work (two semesters) is completed over 180 days of instruction, which works out to about 900 hours per semester, or 5 hours of online study time each weekday.

Many families choose to enroll and synchronize their calendar with the public school system where they live, and that is possible with Obridge Academy. The flexible scheduling enables a family to select the best times for vacations, holidays and time off for field trips, family events, or other educational or important events. Some will choose to compress the educational instruction or spread it out over a calendar year. At Obridge Academy educational scheduling flexibility means that you can study when it is convenient for you and your family.

A Note About High School Credits:

In high school students begin to earn credits as they complete school work over the two semesters they study each year (the fall and spring school terms).

As families transfer in or out of Obridge Academy, it is important to remember that each school grants credits for work earned at that school. If you are thinking of transferring into Obridge Academy, your school may not grant you credit for the work you have completed until the end of their school semester. Be sure to check with your school to determine how many credits you will earn (and when) so that these can be transferred to Obridge Academy. Generally Obridge Academy will ONLY accept credits earned by other accredited schools or public schools so the timing of a transfer may be an important decision for your family. Regardless of when you decide to make a decision, Obridge Academy will evaluate the student transcript and make a decision about how many credits are required for proper completion of a school year.