Teacher Services

Our school provides personalized teacher service for every student.

Students have access to their own teachers who guide families through the learning process by grading courses to meet student needs and offering ongoing support and feedback. Obridge Academy teachers are fully qualified, experienced professionals, many of whom possess an advanced degree and advanced training. High school students have the support of different teachers for each subject.

Grades and Feedback

Our teachers grade each lesson with care. They make comments that address each student’s areas of strength and challenge with expertise and compassion. Grades, comments and student progress can be viewed online by students and parents at our easy-to-access, easy-to-use interactive grade book.

Mastery-Based Program

Our program is mastery-based, meaning that our teachers can adjust the content or pace of lessons to suit the needs of students. Mastery-based education is centered around the principle that once students demonstrate that they have a proficient understanding of the lesson’s concepts, they may progress to subsequent lessons. This approach to learning allows students to work through lessons at their own speed, with opportunities to revise assignments until understanding is effectively demonstrated. It also encourages teachers to reinforce key curricular topics according to the needs of individual students.

Keeping in Touch and Providing Support

Teachers keep in frequent contact with students and parents, responding to questions through our interactive grade book, Skype, email, mail or phone. Teachers support students in personalizing curriculum, advising academic strategies and setting up guidelines for communication. In order to strengthen the support for learning and strategies for student success, the student’s teachers keep in contact with each other.