College Bound

Obridge Academy Cultivates College-Ready Students

Unlike many on-campus high schools, Obridge Academy focuses the nature of its education on preparing students for their higher education experiences. Our goal is to ensure that our students’ SAT scores surpass the national average, and we create a learning environment that ensures our graduates are accepted into and attend college. It’s the perfect environment for students with a knack for self-discipline and who enjoy learning independently as it’s a module that fosters those unique and valuable skills. However, it also provides a valuable and unique learning experience for those who feel they could use some enhancement in the realm of taking responsibility and achieving self-set goals.

What sets Obridge Academy apart from a traditional school is the fact that the student plays the biggest role in his or her progress and achievements. This makes it more desirable for students to excel, since they are competing against themselves, while also teaching them to improve their time management and self-discipline skills. Generating their own schedules, getting assignments done in a timely manner, and being responsible for reaching out when they need help make for a valuable type of experience that shapes character. These unique challenges are not faced to the same degree from inside the walls of a school building.

Without the classroom, it’s easy for Obridge Academy to encourage students to customize their learning experiences to help take advantage of their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. The result of getting a high school diploma at home is often a strengthened ability to self-motivate that remains intact long after graduation.

Obridge Academy dedicates itself to enforcing a course structure that encourages one-on-one attention between teachers and students. Therefore, it’s a great way for students to begin to prepare for college with the help of someone with the experiences and resources to push them in the right direction. When pairing the program’s strong student-teacher relationships with its high standards for education, it’s easy to see why Obridge graduates are aspirational and well-suited for the independent college lifestyle.