Online Courses for Summer School and Part-Time Students

Flexible courses help students get ahead during the summer or at any time of year

Obridge Academy is an accredited online secondary school that offers online courses for high/middle school students. In addition to ‘core’ courses, Obridge offers a full pallet of electives that are both interesting and challenging. At Obridge you will also be able to take courses that are approved for college credit.

Because Obridge Academy offers rolling admissions, students can select individual start dates for their courses, providing the ultimate flexibility to schedule coursework around busy summer schedules that may include travel, work, and other activities. Whether students are interested in taking World Language or elective courses that are not offered at their school, or simply want to get ahead by taking online summer courses, Obridge Academy provides self-paced academic offerings to meet students’ needs for specific credits. In addition, all of our summer college prep courses include full teacher services!

Our team of professionals has experience working with local schools to ensure that credits from our courses are transferred to the student’s high school transcript. Obridge Academy is the perfect fit for students who wish to address gaps in their transcripts by taking a course during the summer months.

How it Works: Summer and Part-Time Enrollments

Prior to gaining access to a course, students must meet prerequisite requirements, and obtain their school’s approval to receive credit on their transcripts. Please request the Obridge Academy Concurrent Enrollment Form, and contact your school counselor regarding the transfer of Obridge Academy course credits. Call our Admissions Office at 800-974-1679 to speak with an admissions coordinator. The Obridge Academy admissions team provides guidance for obtaining approval and ensuring reciprocity of credits from the students’ primary school.

The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through Obridge Academy. Upon request, Obridge Academy will forward an official transcript of all courses completed through our program.

Summer Sampler Course

For students who want to get a jump-start on the upcoming school year, our Summer Sampler is the perfect mix of core course content and assessments to help prepare students for academic success in any grade from 6-12. Students who decide to enroll full time with Obridge after completing the Summer Sampler will have the work they completed over the summer applied toward completion of the full courses.

See our catalog for further details about our summer and part-time courses. Please contact our Admissions Office at 800-974-1679 to learn more about our summer and part-time offerings.

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