Virtual Schools Lead the Way into the Future

There is little question that virtual, or online schools represent the wave of the Future. Students and parents everywhere are demanding flexibility and personalized learning options. Obridge Academy is an accredited virtual school that offers a challenging learning experience for both middle and high school students. In addition to offering affordable tuition, Obridge Academy offers advantages over more traditional schooling options.

  • You can learn wherever there is Internet access, on your own schedule and at your own pace.
  • You can design your program to finish high school faster than your peers, or you can make up courses easily so you don’t fall behind.
  • You can devote 100% of your time to learning since the ‘normal’ distractions do not exist.

Obridge Academy offers over 100 courses in every subject area, from Criminal Justice to Honors English. In addition, Obridge offers one of the best online Mandarin Chinese courses of any virtual school. Whether you are a full-time student who wants to take one credit, or an adult who wants to get a high school diploma for a better job, Obridge can help you achieve your goals. You are able to enroll in Obridge Academy at any time throughout the year. You can enroll at the beginning of the academic year, in the middle, or sometime in between. The choice is yours!

The Education Team

All of our teachers hold teaching certificates and have a wealth of online teaching experience. Our faculties have a good understanding of the paradigm of online education and are well trained in creating a good online teaching environment.

Students Support Service

Students of Obridge Academy can get academic assistance from teachers, technical and other support from our student services specialist, and general assistance from our curriculum specialist. Help is available via email, Skype, telephone and virtual office hours.

We offer extensive options to our full-time students for a complete private school experience:

  • Admissions coordinator services
  • Bi-monthly guidance counselor sessions
  • Blackboard Learning Management System
  • Clubs and community
  • College planning services
  • College prep courses
  • College credits in English, Chinese, Music
  • Course-specific diagnostic assessments
  • Diagnostic assessment for placement
  • Electives including Spanish and Chinese
  • Expert school counseling services
  • Homeroom/Mentorship teachers
  • Honors courses
  • Learning Styles Profile
  • Online high/middle school course materials
  • Parent support services
  • Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Records and transcripts
  • SAT and SSAT Prep
  • Self-paced, mastery-based learning
  • Specialized Learning Support
  • Student support services & virtual office hours
  • Teacher support services
  • Virtual course rooms

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