Foreign Language Education: Culture is the Future


The new trend of foreign language education is closely tied to culture. Culture-specific programs in general contribute to the enrichment of students, schools, and communities. They provide rich learning experiences that supplement and enhance both classroom activities and what is taught in the home. Many federal agencies and state education departments are implementing strategies not only for purposes of increased cultural awareness, but also to support proficiency in a second or third language prior to post-secondary studies and entrance into the workforce. The Florida DOE, for example, included in its 2017 statutes the awarding of certificates to students who demonstrate Silver ......

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Fear and Flexibility: Barriers to Persistence and Pathways to Success


As the new Head of School at Obridge, I am excited to exchange insights with colleagues and students throughout this shared experience. I am passionate about the education of our youth, and about what it takes to help all students be successful. Having spent a good portion of my career in higher education, I have witnessed first-hand the unsettling decline in college enrollment. There have of course emerged several theories as to why this is happening. Factors that impede a student’s choice to pursue a college degree often include financial strain, the need to begin working, or the necessity to contribute ......

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