As the stories of school violence continue, we share the devastation others must feel when children are harmed for senseless reasons. As school violence continues, studying online is a welcome refuge from a physical and often dangerous school setting. Parents who homeschool their children have always known this, and being able to control the environment for education is key to safety. From the days when children worked the farm and studied by the fireplace, a close connection to family and home is a safe and stimulating environment to encourage learning, discovery and self-fulfillment.

For many parents, school safety is a concern not for the violence that makes the headlines, but for basic safety on the bus and in the schoolyard, at lunch and between classes, and studying online removes the student from situations and settings where violence or bullying happen most often. To study online is to connect with the family, and an Obridge Academy setting means that your student will stay at home and study under the watchful eyes of parents or guardians.

With a home-based educational setting comes other challenges, and we encourage our students to become involved in activities that will connect them to others socially. Soccer or baseball community leagues, music lessons, or church events can be powerful supplements to an online education. Family outings and events can become educational tours Improve Memory to historic places nearby or on a vacation.

A refuge from physical safety should also be weighed when it comes to online safety: as we monitor our students online, we take careful measures to ensure their online safety. Obridge Academy can monitor all communication from a student account, and we take great care to select and background check all employees and monitor all communications at all times. A family with students studying online should also consider online safety and make online learning a safe and monitored activity. We recommend SpectorSoft technology for managing your student’s online activity. No software can replace a good communication between parents and students. We also suggest you regularly communicate with your student.

Whichever setting your student selects, Obridge Academy is dedicated to excellence in education and high quality customer service and student interaction.