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Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – What is Marketing
Ch.3 – Marketing Environment
Ch.4 – Consumer Buying Behavior
Ch.5 – Marketing Research Process
Ch.6 – What is a Market
Ch.7 – Promotion
Ch.8 – Pricing
Ch.9 – Market Segmentation


A main objective of marketing is to create customer value.
Marketing usually involves an exchange between buyers and sellers or between other parties.
Marketing has an impact on the firm, its suppliers, its customers, and others affected by the firm’s choices.
Marketing frequently involves enduring relationships between buyers, sellers, and other parties.
The processes involved include “creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings.”
Another objective is to develop the student’s understanding of Marketing and to appreciate the importance of the separate marketing functions, the management of these functions, and how each function affects other functions within the marketing domain. The major functions are marketing management, marketing research, product planning, distribution channels, pricing and promotion. The course will emphasize consumer markets over business markets. It takes advantage of the Internet to cover marketing issues.