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In the age of four handed, sit-down dentistry, a well-trained assistant is an integral part of dental procedures. Part of your responsibility will be to anticipate the dental officer’s next move and have the instruments ready when he needs them. To do this, you must have a thorough knowledge of the procedures the dental officer will follow and of the appropriate instruments used in each of these procedures. Your knowledge, combined with practice, will add to the efficiency of the dental officer and the comfort of the patient. An efficient assistant, it has been shown, will enable the doctor-assistant team to handle fifty percent more patients.


Ch. 1 – Welcome to Class
Ch. 2 – Introduction
Ch. 3 – The Basic Oral Examination
Ch. 4 – Standard Procedures
Ch. 5 – Anesthetic Instruments
Ch. 6 – Restorative Instruments
Ch. 7 – Instruments
Ch. 8 – Instrument Setups and Procedures
Ch. 10 – Surgical Instruments
Ch. 11 – General Instruments
Ch. 12 – Instrument Setups and Procedures II
Ch. 13 – Periodontal Instruments
Ch. 14 – Endodontic Instruments
Ch. 15 – General Prosthodontics Instruments
Ch. 16 – Procedures
Ch. 17 – Appendixes