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Dental materials used in the dental profession are indeed many, varied, and complex. The dental specialist who prepares and uses many of these materials in assisting the dental officer must know their composition, properties, uses, and manipulation. Restorative materials, miscellaneous dental materials, dental waxes, gypsum products, and impression materials are covered in this sub-course. A thorough knowledge of dental materials and the skill to manipulate these materials is one of the important duties of a dental specialist.


Ch. 1 – Introduction to Dental Materials
Ch. 2 – Dental Amalgam
Ch. 3 – Dental Bases and Cements
Ch. 4 – Dental Resins For Restorative Dentistry
Ch. 5 – Miscellaneous Dental Materials
Ch. 6 – Dental Gold and Gold Alloys
Ch. 7 – Gypsum Products
Ch. 8 – Dental Waxes
Ch. 9 – Impression Materials