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Pre-Algebra. During your long and celebrated years in various math classes, we’ve found that a solid foundation is extremely important.
In this course, we’ll try to clear up some common problems encountered in pre-algebra. We’ll cover everything from the basics of equations and graphing to everyone’s favorite – fractions.
The Basics of Pre-Algebra will be covered in this course which include the following:
Basic Equations: Equations involving addition and/or subtraction. Equations involving multiplication and/or division. Basic Graphing. Fractions: Lowest Common Multiple (LCM). Greatest Common Factor (GCF). Multiplying fractions. Dividing fractions. Common denominators


Ch.1 – Introduction
Ch.2 – 
Language of Math
Ch.3 – 
Basic Operations
Ch.4 – 
Order of Operations
Ch.5 – 
Ch.6 – 
Multiplying Fractions
Ch.7 – 
Ch.8 – 
Geometric Lines
Ch.9 – 
Power and Roots
Ch.10 – 
Geometric Formulas
Ch.11 – 
Literal Numbers
Ch.12 – Basic Equations