The Consumer Math Elective focuses on math applications in the real world. Students will be asked to solve common mathematical problems that they will encounter in real life. The units within the Consumer Math Elective include; deciding what you need and getting the best buy, covering your expenses, finding a place to live, choosing and buying groceries, buying a vehicle, and budgeting for recreation and planning a trip.


Ch.1 – Deciding What You Need & Getting the Best Buy
Ch.2 – Covering Your Expenses
Ch.3 – Finding a Place to Live
Ch.4 – Choosing and Buying Groceries
Ch.5 – Buying a Vehicle


The student should be able to :
Determine how much money they will earn
Determine housing costs and monthly expenses
Calculate expenses involved in buying and taking care of a car
Calculate the expense of common home improvements
Prepare,adjust and balance a budget
Use math nskills to understand banking and investing