This curriculum covers mathematical concepts that adults must deal with every day in order to live a successful life. It covers topics ranging from balancing a checkbook to buying a vehicle. This course will help students learn how to deal with everyday problems and questions which arise in daily living. Students will be engaged with real life problem solving and acquire a vocabulary that will help them understand the language of daily life.


Ch.1 – Making and Changing Your Budget
Ch.2 – Banking
Ch.3 – Choosing and Buying Groceries
Ch.4 – Credit Card Math
Ch.5 – Your Salary
Ch.6 – Loans and Interest
Ch.7 – Finding a Place to Live
Ch.8 – Deciding What You Need & Getting the Best Buy
Ch.9 – Covering Your Expenses
Ch.10 – Buying a Vehicle
Ch.11 – Your Take Home Pay


Use algebraic, numerical, graphical, or statistical methods to draw accurate conclusions and solve mathematical problems.
Represent quantitative problems expressed in natural language in a suitable mathematical format.
Effectively communicate quantitative analysis or solutions to mathe-matical problems in written or oral form.
Evaluate solutions to problems for reasonableness using a variety of means, including informed estimation.