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Welcome to Chemistry, the Science concerned with the study of matter. You are beginning the study of one of the most interesting subjects that you will ever come across. As is the case with all subjects, what you will get out of Chemistry will depend upon what you put into it. Chemistry can intrigue and enlighten you or it can confound and frustrate you. It all depends upon the effort you are willing to put into your studies. If you keep an open mind, and listen to your teacher, a course in Chemistry will change the way you view the world
Chemistry is a skill-based course, and many of the most important lessons will come in the first few weeks. You must start off with good study habits from the very beginning, or you risk falling behind. Unfortunately, some students who start off slow wind up becoming frustrated early on. They fail to develop the natural love for the subject that comes to those who work at it.


Ch.1 – Chemistry Overview
Ch.2 – International System of Measurement
Ch.3 – 5 Step Problem Solving
Ch.4 – Percent Error
Ch.5 – Atomic Structure
Ch.6 – Periodic Tables
Ch.7 – Elemental Notations
Ch.8 – Lewis Dot Diagram
Ch.9 – Bonding & Molecular Structure
Ch.10 – Chemical Formulas
Ch.11 – Writing Chemical Formulas
Ch.12 – Molecular and Empirical
Ch.13 – States of Matter
Ch.14 – Gases
Ch.15 – Charles Law
Ch.16 – Grahams Law
Ch.17 – Chemical Reactions
Ch.18 – Stoichiometry
Ch.19 – Mass Problems
Ch.20 – Mixed Mass Volume
Ch.21 – Volume Problem
Ch.22 – Chemical Equilibrium
Ch.23 – Acids & Bases
Ch.24 – Salt Solubility
Ch.25 – The pH Scale