This course acts as an introduction to marine biology. Topics covered include the history of marine biology, marine biologists, the scientific method, ocean exploration, marine environments, marine life, and marine threats/responses. Diverse instructional methods are used throughout the course. These include interactive presentations, videos, notes, and websites. Assessment methods include creative projects, writing assignments, quizzes, reviews, and tests.


Ch.1 – Introduction
Ch.2 – The Ocean
Ch.3 -Exploring the Oceans
Ch.4 -Marine Environments
Ch.5 -Simple Marine Life
Ch.6 -Marine Invertebrates
Ch.7 -Marine Fish
Ch.8 -Marine Reptiles
Ch.9 -Marine Birds
Ch.10 -Marine Mammals
Ch.11 -Marine Threats and Responses
Ch.12 -Supplemental


(1) The ability to think logically, analytically, and independently;
(2) The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing;
(3) The ability to learn on one’s own and as part of a group; and
(4) Depth of knowledge in a single field.