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This course is an introduction to some of the principles of energy and motion, the nature of matter, the interaction of matter, light and sound and electricity.


Welcome to Physical Science
Ch.1 – Energy and Motion
Ch.2 – Electricity and Energy Resources
Ch.3 – Energy on the Move
Ch.4 – The Nature of Matter
Ch.5 – Diversity of Matter
Ch.6 – Interactions of Matter
Ch.7 – Course Survey


1. To become balanced individuals through the harmonious development of the spiritual, mental, physical, and social faculties.
2. Cultivate the social graces exhibited by Christian ladies and gentlemen.
3. Appreciate the principle of work well done in exchange for wages.
4. Choose occupations that will make them effective citizens.
5. Develop skills in working well with other people.
6. Accept the responsibilities of good citizenship, exercising self-government, respect for law and order, intelligent use of the democratic process.
7. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts and sciences.
8. Acquire an appreciation for God鈥檚 handiwork.