This course is an introduction to physics involving a study of motion, forces, conservation laws, heat,entropy, electricity, magnetism, waves, relativity and quantum theory. The cultural aspects of physics and the scientific method will be included. This course is for students who have had no previous physics, including high school physics.


Ch.1 – Kinematics
Ch.2 – Free Fall and Acceleration of Gravity
Ch.3 – Newton’s Laws
Ch.4 – Newton’s Laws
Ch.5 – Vectors
Ch.6 – Projectile Motion
Ch.7 – Momentum/Conservation
Ch.8 – Work, Energy, and Power
Ch.9 – Circular Motion and Planetary Motion
Ch.10 – Planetary and Satellite Motion
Ch.11 – Waves
Ch.12 – Sound Properties and Perception
Ch.13 – Color and Vision
Final Exam