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This course is a basic study of crime scene technology and investigation in the United States. Topics include concepts of law and crime, the criminal justice process, overview of criminal justice agencies, current criminal justice issues, and interactions and conflicts between criminal justice agencies.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Overview of Criminal Investigation
Ch.3 – M. O. and Signature Compared
Ch.4 – Property Crime Investigation
Ch.5 – Arson Investigation
Ch.6 – CyberCrime and Cyberspace Law
Ch.7 – Data Recovery and Computer Forensics
Ch.8 – Narcotics Crime Investigation and Intelligence Analysis
Ch.9 – Organized Crime Investigation
Ch.10 – Gang Crime Investigation
Ch.11 – Terrorism Investigation
Ch.12 – Investigative Methods in Forensic Accounting


1. To acquire an informed understanding of the basic components of crime scene technology and investigation
2. To recognize the major sources of crime data, and their uses and limitations
3. To examine the historical evolution of the role of policing in a modern society
4. To examine crime scene reconstruction
5. To examine informants, surveillance and undercover operations
6. To understand probable cause
7. To introduce you to forensic pathology.