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Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Juvenile Delinquency
Ch.3 – History of Juvenile Justice – Early Times
Ch.4 – History of Juvenile Justice – Institutional Era
Ch.5 – History of Juvenile Justice – Juvenile Court Era
Ch.6 – Problems of Today’s Juveniles – Drug Abuse and Alcohol
Ch.7 – Problems of Today’s Juvenile – Violence
Ch.8 – Problems of Today’s Juvenile – Other Forms of Violence
Ch.9 – Significant Court Decisions
Ch.10 – Summary of Differences Adult/Juvenile


1. To acquire an informed understanding of the basic components of the juvenile justice processes

2. To recognize the major sources of crime data, and their uses and limitations

3. To examine the historical evolution of the role of policing in a modern society

4. To examine criminal court systems and adversarial concepts

5. To examine correctional systems and the purposes of punishment

6. To appreciate the basic differences between juvenile and adult systems

7. To appreciate emerging and international forms of justice