This course provides students valuable lessons about how to manage their money in real life situations. It covers topics such as banking, credit card math, budgeting, loans and interest, etc. This course will provide students with insight into making good decisions regarding future investments and decision-making regarding finances.


Ch.1 – Your Salary
Ch.2 – Your Take Home Pay
Ch.3 – Banking
Ch.4 – Making and Changing Your Budget
Ch.5 – Credit Card Math
Ch.6 – Loans and Interest


(1). Students will increase their understanding of personal finance concepts.
(2). Students will develop critical thinking skills with respect to financial planning concepts.
(3). Students will appreciate the awesome power of compound interest as both a friend and an enemy.
(4). Students will apply the knowledge gained to their personal financial situation.
(5). Students will become financially responsible adults who save regularly and use credit wisely.