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Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. This course is designed for you to study the origin and development of human beings and their culture. The word anthropology is derived from two Greek words: anthropos meaning “man” or “human” and logos, meaning “thought” or “reason.” You will study the four basic subsistence patterns anthropologists have broken the science into. You will also study various other factors such as kinship, socialization, religion, cultural change, and much more. Please read through the content as it will be beneficial in applying the knowledge during the course. Good luck with your studies!


Ch.1 – Introduction
Ch.2 – Human Culture
Ch.3 – Language and Culture
Ch.4 – Patterns of Subsistence
Ch.5 – Economic Systems
Ch.6 – Social Organization
Ch.7 – Kinship
Ch.8 – Sex and Marriage
Ch.9 – Process of Socialization
Ch.10 – Ethnicity and Race
Ch.11 – Political Organization
Ch.12 – Social Control
Ch.13 – Anthropology of Religon
Ch.14 – Medical Anthropology
Ch.15 – Culture Change
Ch.16 – Course Survey