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Let’s go over briefly some of the things we will be covering during the course. The purpose is to teach students the designated geographical areas with an emphasis on global connections and interdependence. Units include geographical, historical, cultural, political and economic themes. Each student will develop an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.
At the end of the course the student should have an understanding of the nations of the world, their location, economies, and major geographic features.


Ch1. – Introduction
Ch2. – Understanding a Functional Diagram
Ch3. – Reading Map Symbols
Ch4. – Types of Maps
Ch5. – North America
Ch6. – Mexico
Ch7. – Brazil
Ch8. – Project 1
Ch9. – The West Indies
Ch10. – Western Europe
Ch11. – Eastern Europe
Ch12. – Russia
Ch13. – Middle East
Ch14. – Southeast Asia
Ch15. – India
Ch16. – China
Ch17. – Japan
Ch18. – Australia
Ch19. – Oceans
Ch20. – Africa
Ch21. – Travel on your Own