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A multimedia product uses a combination of images, words and sounds to present information. Multimedia is increasingly being used in education, advertising and entertainment. In this Revision Bite, you will learn about the different types of multimedia products.
Graphics are visual elements – images, symbols, diagrams etc. – used to make printed information more interesting or lively. They are an important method of communication. They can be used to enhance many forms of media, from buttons on webpages to road signs.


Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.4 – Managing Projects
Ch.7 – Managing Projects II
Ch.11 – Using ICT
Ch.14 – Using ICT II
Ch.16 – Using ICT III
Ch.19 – Using ICT IV
Ch.21 – Multimedia
Ch.24 – Multimedia II
Ch.26 – Multimedia III
Ch.29 – Graphics
Ch.34 – Graphics II