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This course is a broad introduction to the use of computers as tools for creativity, communications and organizing information. We do not assume that you have any previous computer experience, but even those students who are already advanced computer users will find activities to challenge them. In addition to learning the technical fundamentals of computer use, we hope to help you build your skills in researching information, making appropriate ethical choices about the use of computers, and using technology to help you learn on your own and pass your new skills on to others.
The role of the computer as a communications tool will be central to this course. We expect that much of the interaction between students and teachers will be conducted through electronic mail and other network communications technologies. All students will be given computer accounts on Uni High’s multi-user computers, as well as some space to edit and organize your electronic communications. We will also emphasize the use of the Internet as a tool for finding information and communicating with your peers worldwide.
Much of your grade will be based on how well you work together and interact with the teachers and other students in this course. Those who already have some computer skills at the beginning of the year are expected to help the teachers by passing on their knowledge to the other students. There’s nothing like having to teach a subject to someone else to help you learn it yourself! We want every student to work on developing the ability to teach each other and cooperate in the kind of team environment that is necessary in all real-world technology projects.


Ch.1 – Introduction
Ch.2 – Computer Basics
Ch.3 – Applications
Ch.4 – Windows
Ch.5 – Glossary of Terms
Ch.6 – Word Processing
Ch.7 – Word Processing: Formatting
Ch.8 – Word Processing: Images
Ch.9 – Word Processing: Auto Tools
Ch.10 – Word Processing: Wizards
Ch.11 – Word Processing: Brochures
Ch.12 – Course Survey