This course studies the impact of stress upon the psychological and physiological function of the body and also explores the interaction with stress management techniques. This course does not constitute credit toward meeting the Physical Education GER requirement.
Ch.1 – Welcome to Class
Ch.2 – Stress Concepts
Ch.3 – Healthy Lifestyles
Ch.4 – Stress Relief
Ch.5 – Stress Is Everywhere
Ch.6 – Understanding Stress
Ch.7 – Pin-Pointing Stress in Life
Ch.8 – Targeting Stress Effectively
Ch.9 – Work Overload
Ch.10 – Surviving Problem Jobs
Ch.11 – Co-Workers and Stress
Ch.12 – Environmental Stress
Ch.13 – Performance Stress
Ch.14 – Reducing Stress
Ch.15 – Final Exam
The course goal is to provide an understanding of the causes and effects of stress on a person’s life and to introduce methods for enhancing positive health and reducing stress through a variety of relaxation, self-regulation and stress management strategies. The student will also gain knowledge and application skills for stress management interventions useful in a professional setting.