Comprehensive Science 3 is the last class of the M/J Comprehensive Series. The course introduces new information and reviews some basics of science to prepare students for high school science coursework. Topics covered in this course include: The Nature of Science, Earth and Space Science, Properties of Matter, Changes in Matter, Matter and Energy, and Energy flow in the living world. During this course students will learn through real world examples and applications. Students will participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.


Ch.1 – The Universe
Characteristics of Stars
The Universe Test

Ch.2 – Solar System
The Sun
The Inner Planets
Outer Planets: Jupiter
Outer Planets: Saturn
Outer Planets: Uranus
Outer Planets: Neptune
Space Exploration
Our Solar System: Review
Our Solar System: Test

Ch.3 – Planetary Motion
Earths Movement in Space
Phases of the Moon
Time Zones
Planetary Motion Test

Ch.4 – The Scientific Model
The Scientific Method
Measurement and the Microscope
The Scientific Method Test

Ch.5 – Properties of Matter
Classification of Matter
Physical Phases of Matter
Physical and Chemical Changes
The Law of Conservation of Mass

Ch.6 – Matter Cycles
Cellular Respiration
The Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass
The Carbon Cycle

Ch.7 – Atomic Theory and The Periodic Table of Elements
The Atomic Theory
The Periodic Table of Elements