This class is an overview of U.S. History from pre-history until current times. The class is taught in two sections, with pre-history through 1850 and the U.S. Constitution in one section and 1850 through today in the second section. Students study primary and secondary historical documents, use problem solving skills, analyze data, make predictions and draw conclusions about historical events and people throughout time.


Ch.1 – Different Worlds Meet
Mayan Culture
Aztecs and Incas
Native American Cultures
People of North America
Iroquois Creation Myth
The Iroquois Confederacy and Democracy
Different Worlds Meet Test

Ch.2 – Exploring the Americas
The European Renaissance
Christopher Columbus
Columbian Exchange
Spanish Explorers
The African Slave Trade
French Explorers
Exploration DBQ
Exploring the Americas Test

Ch.3 – Colonial America
Political Beginnings of the United States
French and Indian War
“Join or Die” Cartoon
The Legacy of Pocahontas
English Explorers and Jamestown

Ch.4 – The Colonies
The New England Colonies
The Middle Colonies
The Southern Colonies
The Thirteen Colonies Test

Ch.5 – Road to Independence
Crisis in the Colonies
Patriots and Loyalists
Declaration of Independence
Common Sense Assignment
DBQ – Causes of American Revolution

Ch.6 – The American Revolution
The American Revolution
Treaty of Paris 1783

Ch.7 – A More Perfect Union
Continental Congresses/Articles of Confederation
Six Basic Principles
Shay’s Rebellion
Creating the Federal Government
Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

Ch.8 – The New Republic
Founding Fathers
The United States Constitution
Constitution Vocabulary
Checks and Balances
Popular Sovereignty
George Washington
George Washington First Term
George Washington Second Term

Ch.9 – The Jefferson Era
President Thomas Jefferson
Supreme Court Cases 1803-1832
War of 1812
President James Madison

Ch.10 – Growth and Expansion
The Industrial Revolution
Impact of the Industrial Revolution
Child Workers in Factories
Erie Canal

Ch.11 – The Jackson Era
Andrew Jackson’s Presidency