Parents play an essential role in preparing students for academic success.

The role of the parent, or other home mentor, is to help provide organization and structure, to help create a proper learning environment, and to promote continuity in the learning process. Parents also act as learning partners for their child. They help build and sustain a positive relationship with the school, and work closely with the coach and teachers to ensure a successful learning experience.

Parents contribute to their child’s learning experience by being present and available as much as possible, showing an interest, asking questions, and communicating frequently with teachers. Being your child’s home mentor may include things like providing additional learning materials, exploring concepts together, reviewing and proofreading assignments, reading out loud, or simply expressing encouragement.

A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents, students and teachers, gives students confidence, sparks their desire to learn, and ensures a successful learning experience. Keeping the lines of communication strong also helps with recognizing and addressing individual learning challenges.