Obridge Academy Reviews

Obridge Academy is an accredited online secondary school that offers online learning for all those high/middle school students seeking to achieve greatness in a unique manner.


Obridge Academy has been recognized as “Top 10 Best Online High Schools” in the U.S.

obridge academy reviews



Obridge Academy is a great school for anyone, whether they are in middle school or in high school, this school will work for you. The very self-explanatory website is very organized and very easy to work with, any student could figure it out on their own, but the school gives you a free orientation when you sign up that is very easy to follow and it explains everything. Obridge Academy offers you so many resources if you ever have a problem with the website, there are emails, Skype, and phone numbers, so one way or another if you ever have a problem, you will get help immediately.

I love this school because I work at a faster pace, and at public school I felt like I wasn’t being challenged enough, or wasn’t moving fast enough, so because of Obridge I am able to work at my full potential and exceed ahead, something I was never able to do at a public school, so this school defiantly gets an A+ from me!

Hannah Lyle


Marla Robinson TubbsMy daughter, Kayleen, who is in the 8th grade, was struggling at her old school. She was up so late doing homework that were high school classes but she wasn’t receiving high school credits for them. She has always been a great student, with a high grade point average, but the stress of keeping up made her want to look into online school. We looked into many different online schools, but none of them offered the right thing for us. We found Obridge Academy and it looked like an amazing school.

What was amazing was all the books are included in the course and are online. She doesn’t have to use regular textbooks or lug a heavy backpack, which I thought was great. Now she has taken a few quizzes and has never had to worry about not having enough time to finish it. She loves her new classes. Obridge Academy has offered my daughter more than she could ever ask for in a school and it is has been a great experience so far. Thank you Obridge Academy, you are amazing!

Marla Robinson Tubbs