Obridge Academy’s Online Credit Recovery Program

When it comes to education, life doesn’t always follow a linear path. Obridge Academy’s Online Credit Recovery Program is a flexible and effective solution for full-time students currently enrolled in accredited high or middle schools. It helps these students to get the credits they need to meet their school’s graduation requirements.

Online Credit Recovery Scenarios:

At Obridge Academy, we understand that students face a multitude of challenges and circumstances that may lead to credit deficiencies. Our Credit Recovery Program is designed to cater to a wide range of situations, including:

1.Athletics: Juggling sports commitments while staying on top of coursework.
2.Behind in Credits: Catching up on missed credits due to various reasons.
3.Bullying: Providing a safe and supportive online learning environment.
4.Course Not Offered: Accessing courses not available at the traditional school.
5.Early Graduation: Accelerating the path to graduation.
6.Expulsion: Providing an alternative learning option for students who were expelled.
7.Extracurricular Activities: Balancing school and extracurricular passions.
8.Failing Grades: Overcoming academic challenges and retaking courses.
9.Illness/Health: Continuing education during health-related absences.
10.Peer Pressure: Finding a focused, independent learning environment.
11.Pregnancy: Managing education during pregnancy and beyond.
12.Scheduling Conflicts: Resolving scheduling conflicts that hinder credit attainment.
13.Substance Abuse: Offering a structured, supportive, and educational program.
14.Suspension: Maintaining educational progress while serving a suspension.

Why Obridge Credit Recovery Online:

Obridge Academy’s Credit Recovery Program harnesses the power of online learning to provide students with an efficient and proven method for earning middle or high school credits in courses they may not have passed previously. Our online courses are self-contained, independent study units, designed to supplement your school’s existing curriculum.

Key features of our Credit Recovery Program include:

1.Year-Round Enrollment: Students can join the program at any time, allowing them to regain momentum and address credit deficiencies promptly.

2.Flexible Schedules: We offer the flexibility for students to select start dates that align with their unique needs and schedules.

3.Accreditation: Obridge Academy’s courses are accredited by Cognia, ensuring the quality and recognition of the credits earned.

4.Obridge Academy’s Credit Recovery Program emphasizes a seamless transition.
If a student’s school is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting organizations in the United States, the credits earned through our program will smoothly transfer back to the original school. We prioritize clarity and educational continuity, requiring school counselors to sign a credit transfer form. This form guarantees that makeup courses taken with Obridge Academy will indeed transfer back to the student’s school, providing peace of mind to both students and their families.

At Obridge Academy, we believe that every student’s educational journey is unique, and our Credit Recovery Program is designed to support students in overcoming obstacles and achieving their academic goals. Whether you need to retake a course, make up missed credits, or explore new subjects, our program is here to help you regain control of your education and propel you toward a successful graduation.

Any of our courses can be taken for credit recovery. See our catalog for further details about our courses. Speak to a credit recovery specialist at 800-974-1679 or click on our chat box to learn more or contact us for a free live demonstration now.