High School in the United States


You can spend a whole year studying in an American high school! When you finish the year, you will be a fluent English speaker ready to apply to a top American university. You can choose from one of six excellent high schools in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine. Each school is excellent in a different way. You will become completely integrated into school life and either live with an American family, or in a dormitory. You will make new American friends and discover American society.

In addition to taking courses that interest you, you will focus on writing, probably the most important element of being accepted to a university. You can play on a team, visit interesting sites and pursue a hobby.

In order to take part in this great opportunity you first need to complete two special English courses, both of which are online. The first course will introduce you to English idioms, language connections and details of American life. The second course will focus on academic writing, the key ingredient to success. While you are in the U.S. you will also have to complete a special, yearlong project. You will also have the option to receive a US high school diploma.

We look forward to speaking to you about these exciting opportunities!