English Composition

Obridge Academy offers an English Composition course for joint high school and college credit in cooperation with St. Joseph’s College, New York. With campuses in Brooklyn and Patchogue, Long Island, St. Joseph’s celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2015. The course employs the most commonly used college writing textbook: They Say, I Say. The book provides students with templates and guidelines to become a proficient writer. It also uses a specially designed program to improve writing fluency called “Sustained Silent Writing (SSW): a Constructivist Approach.

Students can interact with the teacher and other students through the Blackboard Discussion Board and the Collaborative Platform. Students who complete this course will be prepared to take a second semester writing course, or, if the college allows, be exempt from taking a college writing course. It is worth finding out if the college you wish to attend requires two semesters of writing, or only one.

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