Obridge Hurricane Credit Recovery Initiative

In the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the potential damage pending Hurricane Irma, Obridge Academy is a dedicated resource for any students who have been displaced from their district schools. We are also devoted to providing additional support for our currently enrolled students.

Lastest Updates: Harvey Damaged At Least 200 Houston Schools

Enrolled Obridge Students

Current students residing in affected states are strongly encouraged to contact their teachers, the Director of Student Services, or the Head of School for support on a case-by-case basis regarding:

  • Temporary inability to complete assignments
  • Inconsistent access to technology
  • Difficulty making payments due to storm-related financial hardship


Displaced District Students

Any student residing in a hurricane-impacted state who has been displaced can enroll in Obridge’s Credit Recovery option. We can assist districts and students by:

  • Offering access to classes for displaced students at a reduced, deferred tuition rate
  • Providing an additional option for students classified as homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act
  • Eliminating the need for transportation and physical course materials
  • Restoring academic resiliency
  • Promoting a return to normalcy during an emotionally stressful time