Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

Personalized Learning allows students (and parents) to design a course of study, in consultation with Obridge Academy advisors. There are many options for PLP and courses can involve fitness, reading, science exploration and a host of others. Students have explored the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Tang Soo Do, Motocross, and others.

American schools use the ‘Carnegie Unit’ to award course completion and credit. A Carnegie Unit is essentially a measure of time and one unit equals 120 hours of ‘contact time’ with a teacher; this translates to 7,200 minutes of contact. Inasmuch as we are still bound to present instruction in equivalent terms, we need to be sure that the student has spend an equivalent number of hours to award either one-half, or a full credit.

Students can find a topic that is not available in their host school, or they can weave a special focus program into their Obridge curriculum centered on a special interest. Courses can involve reading and/or practical skills and activities. In general, a PLP requires someone to verify that the work is being done and formal parent approval.
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