Obridge Academy offers all the courses and programs of study needed to achieve a High School diploma and be accepted into the College of your choice: Honors, Core Area Courses of Study, World Languages, Music, Art, and elective courses.

Obridge Academy’s online program and commitment to student-centered instruction and support empowers students to satisfy their local Middle/High School graduation requirements while enjoying the opportunity to further their studies in special areas of interest. Students can take their classes wherever they have an Internet connection. This ensures flexible scheduling within a self-guided course of study. This level of support and student-centered attention distinguishes an Obridge Education.

How it Works: Single Course Enrollments

To enroll in a course, students must meet certain prerequisites. Depending upon local graduation requirements, students may have to obtain their district’s approval in order to receive credit. Students should always contact their school counselor concerning any program of study. In such cases, a concurrent enrollment form must be completed and signed and returned to Obridge Academy. This form can be obtained from the local school district or from Obridge Academy.

Obridge maintains its own student transcripts, both for full time students and for learners who do not prescribe to a full program of study.

Single Course Tuition:

Honors, Lab or World Language Personal Project, PE Portfolios Advanced Placement