Obridge Academy’s Director of Student Services, Kristin Bestler, was in attendance at the BbWorld Conference in Orlando to accept the 2018 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Student Success. This award recognizes individuals and/or institutions whose creative program application has led to increased retention, increased completion, and/or improved outcomes through the implementation of new academic and/or administrative resources, data analytics solutions, scalable advising and intervention strategies, student support programs, and more. For more on the Blackboard Catalyst Awards, please visit the awards website at:


At Obridge, we understand the challenge of providing access to meaningful support services in a virtual environment. Our Virtual Testing Accommodations (VTA) and support page, The Accommodation Station, are the result of many attempts to find a viable solution for that challenge. Our students should enjoy the same level of supportive interaction afforded to students in traditional brick and mortar institutions, and we are delighted to have found a means to do so through Blackboard. The beauty of these services is that we can provide them to any student from anywhere, both domestically and internationally. Services are available to students with learning differences, those in the Honors Program and National Honor Society, club members, and students who receive virtual advising, counseling, tutoring, and test preparation.