If you expect to enroll in our online school, what actually happens? What are the steps you need to take to enroll in an online school? What decisions must you make and what paperwork is required?

When you enroll at Obridge Academy you will find the process is quick and painless. Once you speak with an enrollment advisor and you have decided online education is the right option for you or your student, the next step is enrollment. An enrollment package is sent to you via email. It contains a checklist of items you will need in order to start school:

1. Enrollment Application
2. Academic Integrity Agreement
3. Parent/Student Handbook Acknowledgement
4. Credit Card Authorization Form
5. Immunization Record
6. Birth Certificate
7. Unofficial Transcript (these are optional – Obridge Academy will obtain
official transcripts from the previous school after students are withdrawn)

Print and sign these documents and return them to us, by email, fax, or the postal service.

After your documents are returned we’ll set up an online orientation class for your student. This class is designed to help your student understand how to use our learning management system, how to get the most out of our school and how to use the resources provided. This orientation class lasts one hour or less, and is held online using a computer with an Internet connection.

After your documents are returned we also review the transcript, contact the previous school to obtain official transcripts, and align, select, and verify which classes your student will take. In many cases we will have already discussed class selection with you, but during this step we assign the classes in our learning management system and provide a schedule for your student. Have a look at our electives and courses in our catalog.

Welcome, school starts when you are ready. On your time, at your convenience, and at your pace. Studying online, Obridge Academy is tailored to you.